Monday, February 14, 2011

Nanos Valaoritis by Spiros Poros

Nanos Valaoritis (Lausanne, Switzerland, 05.07.1921) is one of the most distinguished writers in Greece today. He has been widely published as a poet, novelist and playwright since 1939, and his correspondence with George Seferis (Allilographia 1945-1968, Ypsilon, Athens 2004) has been a bestseller.

Exclusive backstage footage from the photo-shooting of the worldwide famous Greek Poet and Awarded Novelist Nanos Valaoritis, inside his historical residence.

Raised within a cosmopolitan family with roots in the Greek War of Independence but twice driven into exile by events, Valaoritis has lived in Greece, England, France and the United States, and as a writer and academic he has played a significant role in introducing the literary idioms of each country to the rest. The quality, the international appeal, and the influence of his work has led Valaoritis to be described as the most important poet of the Hellenic diaspora since Constantine Cavafy.

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Photography by Spiros Poros
Imaging by George Dimopoulos